Metal Cabinets get Refaced

The Problem: A customer came to me in a Contemporary Home in Naperville. There was a dilema, what to do with the 35 year old St.Charles Metal Cabinets they had in their kitchen. The customer had them for 35 years ever since there home was built. They loved the functionality of their cabinets but they just did not like the doors and exposed end panels. Furthermore the customer had talked to many refacing companies but could not find anyone to properly face the cabinets at to there specific requirements. The client did not want to install wood framing over their metal cabinets. They wanted to remove all the old doors, end panels, fillers and trim. Then they wanted to precision route a groove into the new wood doors to allow for the reuse of the old metal hinges which were still in excellent condition.

The Solution: Best Cabinets was able to make a custom jig to make a precision route into the new Cherry Wood Doors to allow the client to reuse their existing hinges. Also, new Cherry Wood fillers, trim, doors and drawer fronts were made to fit precisely the existing cabinetry. The St. Charles Cabinets from over 30 years ago now received a complete renovation to look like new cabinetry.

Also, we installed new Granite Countertops and full height granite backsplash. New floor tile was installed too as part of this kitchen renovation.

Below is a photo of the finished product: