Evanston Kitchen Remodeling Project

Sometime the budget for remodeling the kitchen will not you to allow you to completely remodel the kitchen. In Evanston, Il we had a project which had a limited budget and the customer wanted to get a big transformation for their limited budget. The customer had $7000 budget to get their kitchen remodeled . They were okay with the style of their cabinet doors, but they did not want to see and “Oak” Cabinets anymore. The customer wanted to open up the room between the kitchen and dining room a little bit if possible.

We removed the formica countertops and installed new Granite countertops. We removed all the Old Oak Doors and Drawer Fronts and Filled in the Grain and Painted them a White Lacquer. Also, we converted 12 doors to glass fronts. Also, we installed new cabinet hardware. The cabinet fronts were professional sprayed a white lacquer finishin our own professional spray booth in our custom shop.