Long Grove Kitchen

The client in Long Grove was faced with a dilemma, What to do with an 90’s kitchen made of High Pressure Laminate? After weighing out all the alternatives he opted to get the cabinets refaced with Solid Cherry Cabinet Doors and Facing. He was very pleased to hear we did not use a thin veneer to face over the cabinets but rather Solid Cherry Wood 1/4″ Thick.

The interiors on three glass cabinets were finished with Cherry Panels. Also, we made custom maple dovetail drawers made of solid wood.

We also, refaced the cabinets in the Laundry Room. The customer wanted a clean simple look and decided to make the drawers and drawer fronts with finger grooves rather than decorative hardware.

Here is a Sample of our Work:

Lincoln Park Kitchen

Our client lives in a townhouse in Lincoln Park and it is only about ten years old. She happened to get Natural Maple Cabinets and did not like the color anymore. We decided to reface over the existing cabinets with our exclusive quarter inch prefinished solid maple refacing material.

Then we removed all the doors and drawer fronts and professionallly sprayed them to a color the client specified. The doors we sanded, primed and finished with a high quality furniture grade lacquer. Also, we converted 3 of the doors from solid wood center panels to doors with white laminated glass inserts.

The result, what looks to be a whole new kitchen. Below is a photo of the kitchen after the doors were reinstalled.

Another Quality Custom Cabinet Refacing Project

Our client had just purchased a house on the North Side of Chicago and needed a quick revamping of his kitchen. The cabinets where an old Old Style Cabinet with Cathedral Doors. The customer wanted to update the old look with a more modern look and wanted to go with the most recent trends in cabinet styling for the City of Chicago. The result was to go with “Best Cabinets” proprietary “Grey ” Stain over Hard Maple.

We added a wine rack and glass tile was installed on the backsplash. Also we added a desk drawer and wooden post for support on the New Granite.

The results were amazing and if you want to see the before pictures just visit our showroom and ask Kasia, our inhouse designer, for a look at the dramatic change in this kitchen project.

Below are a few pictures of the completed project:

Gold Coast Kitchen get refaced!

Located on the 1300 Block of North Dearborn, this client was at a dilemma. He has a home that is only about ten years old but the builder had installed cheap thermofoil cabinet fronts in his kitchen. The customer was looking for custom classic whic painted doors.

The solution, Best Cabinets refaced the cabinets with noew cabinet fronts and new matching end panels and decorative wood end panels. Also we replaced the old granite with a new granite top with a “Honed Finish”.

In summary, the client was able to upgrade the look of the kitchen with out having to spend months of renovation and 10,000’s of thousands of dollars.

Below is a few pictures of the kitchen:

Best Cabinets will be featured in Spring 2012 Issue of National Kitchen & Bath Magazine

Best Cabinets just had a “Photo Shoot” for a Kitchen and Bath they completed in Evanston Illinois. This is a photo of our custom cabinets which were made to order right in Chicago, Illinois.

The kitchen features a custom grey color which is becoming a very hot color for the Spring of 2012. It has replaced the popularity of the Espresso Color recently has been very popular.

Also, the Client had a custom vanity designed, built and installed by Best Cabinets.

Our Process

Best Cabinets is not only a cabinet refacing company but we are also a high end custom cabinet manufacturer complete with a 5000 square foot showroom. We manufacture our own custom wood doors and solid maple dovetail drawers. Our prices are more affordable than you may think because we manufacturer our own Custom Cabinets Doors and Solid Wood Dovetail Drawers(unlike most cabinet refacing companies that purchase doors from other suppliers).

Our Process is quite simple:

1. If you are interested in an estimate we suggest you visit our Beautiful Showroom filled with numerous displays of kitchen cabinets and custom builtins and custom furniture. Also, we have a before and after display which shows kitchen cabinets before and after the cabinet refacing process!
(Also, if you are unable to visit our showroom, you can request a free in home estimate by making a request on our website. Lastly, you can call our Office & Showroom at 773.235.3719 for a Free Estimate.

NOTE: If you want to save money, we can quote you a more competitive price if you bring in pictures and basic measurements to our showroom. This way we don’t have to send out our salesperson to your home and we have our in house designer go over the details of your job in our Showroom. Once we quote you a price and you want to proceed, we will come out to your home to verify all the measurements and double check our estimate.

2. Once you either Visit our Showroom or call for a Free Estimate we will prepare a bid for you on your cabinet refacing project. Our estimate will include a price for the cabiner refacing of your kitchen and to include many optional items which you may also be interested in.

We can offer virtually any accessory you desire, including but not limited to: new dovetail solid maple drawer boxes, rollout trays(also known as pullout trays), pullout Waste Baskets, Lazy Susans, Tray Dividers, Tilt out trays, Magic Corner Systems, Cutlery Dividers, Silverware Dividers, and decorative hardware.

Also, we can over Crown Molding Light Molding, LED Low Voltage Lighting, Countertops, Backsplash Tile, Floor Tile, Plumbing and Electrical Services. Infact, we offer complete kitchen remodeling services. We can remodel your entire kitchen from floor to ceiling. Also, we can convert your existing cabinets to more functional space. Also, we over to cut down existing cabinets. (Many times the cabinet over your refrigerator or the cabinet over your range ned to be cutdown to allow for a new appliance. Furthermore, we can make new custom cabinets to go along with your newly refaced cabinets.

3. Once we prepare a quote and it is emailed to you, then you can let us know if you would like to move forward with the project. Sometimes we will have to refine the bid to either include some additional items or exclude unwanted options which have been offered in the quotation.

4. Once you have commited to doing the work we will ask for a deposit on the work prior to sending our Professional Measurer to colect all the fine details of the project.

5. Next, we manufacturer all the doors and drawers and other items required for your project including our Solid Wood 1/4″ Thick Cabinet Refacing Strips(unlike the thin veneers other companies use that cab bubble, splinter and peel)

6. Typically is takes 4 to 6 weeks to manufacture all your cabinet refacing materials depending on the season it can vary from 3-8 weeks. Once your doors have been completed in the shop and prior to our finishing process we will schedule the installation of your project. Typically, it takes 3-5 days to reface your kitchen. But if you have additional remodeling work done it can add additional time to the completion date.

7. Prior to the installation of the job, we ask you to remove items from the cabinets.

8. Once the kitchen remodeling project is complete we offer a one year guarantee on the project.

9. We ask you to email us photos of your completed project so we can include your kitchen on our website and other marketing materials.

10. Also, referalls all always appreciated and this is how we get most of our business!

Client decides to Reface Cabinets rather than Replace

An interesting ocurance took place when we received a call from a new client. The customer explained that they had just bought a house that had quality custom cabinet by “Best Cabinets” but they are painted a Grey Color and they want their kitchen to be a dark stain color. We looked at all the opions and the customer decided to reface the cabinets with slab maple doors stained a Dark Walnut.

By refacing their existing cabinets rather than replacing, the client saved over $10,000. Below are a few photos of the refaced cabinets:

Lincoln Park Project on Bissell

A client came to my office several months ago and was looking for a Custom Kitchen and wanted to find a company were he could buy direct from the manufacturer rather than buy thru a dealer that was just reselling someone else’s products. He had heard we had quality products and an award winning design team. I reviewed the project with the client and then set up additional meeting with the client and our design team. The end result was an Beautiful Kitchen located in the heart of Chicago in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood. (See Below:)

The client had looked at Christopher Peacock Kitchen Cabinets and Crown Point Cabinetry but Best Cabinet won the project based on serveral factors: price , design, quality, service. Furthermore, the client was happy to know that our custom cabinetry is available in blanket wrapped throughout the U.S. and even Internationally.

Metal Cabinets get Refaced

The Problem: A customer came to me in a Contemporary Home in Naperville. There was a dilema, what to do with the 35 year old St.Charles Metal Cabinets they had in their kitchen. The customer had them for 35 years ever since there home was built. They loved the functionality of their cabinets but they just did not like the doors and exposed end panels. Furthermore the customer had talked to many refacing companies but could not find anyone to properly face the cabinets at to there specific requirements. The client did not want to install wood framing over their metal cabinets. They wanted to remove all the old doors, end panels, fillers and trim. Then they wanted to precision route a groove into the new wood doors to allow for the reuse of the old metal hinges which were still in excellent condition.

The Solution: Best Cabinets was able to make a custom jig to make a precision route into the new Cherry Wood Doors to allow the client to reuse their existing hinges. Also, new Cherry Wood fillers, trim, doors and drawer fronts were made to fit precisely the existing cabinetry. The St. Charles Cabinets from over 30 years ago now received a complete renovation to look like new cabinetry.

Also, we installed new Granite Countertops and full height granite backsplash. New floor tile was installed too as part of this kitchen renovation.

Below is a photo of the finished product:

Best Cabinets gets featured again in Fall Issue of Signature Kitchen & Bath Magazine

Best Cabinets is Chicagolands leading supplier of Custom Cabinets and Custom Cabinet Refacing. We have the depth of product and manufacture our own Custom Cabinets, Doors, Solid Maple Dovetail Drawers at our own manufacturing facility. We can manufacture as little as one door or we can manufacture 1000 doors. We also custom mix our own paints and stains and can match almost any sample one can provide. We also do high gloss painted finishes and colors. We manufacture our own custom glass doors with Aluminum Frames. We also can supply and install dovetail drawers any custom size. and we also provide rollout trays.

We are known for our custom inset cabinets, our custom doors and specialty glazes and distressing.

Below is a Custom Kitchen located in the Wrigleyville Neighborhood of Chicago. The cabinets are White Acrylic Finish with Full Inset Doors!

Buy direct from the manufacturer(Best Cabinets) We provide Better Quality without the Middleman. We have our own full time certified installers which can supply quality installation too! Furthermore, we supply to “do it your selfers” and “contractors” too!